Rulership is a Curse

I’m not even sure how long it’ll take me to finish Genesis. I started the Bible Reading in One Year programme three days ago. I’m really pumped about it… only instead of me reading day 4 today, I’ve been fixating on my day 1 reading. Genesis 3 to be exact. I’ve been mulling over itContinue reading “Rulership is a Curse”

Can we Learn from the Pharisees Please?

GENESIS 23-24; JOHN 9 I said in a previous post that the modern day church is becoming more and more Pharisaical, despite us turning our nose at them and being very self-righteous about them not noticing that Jesus was among them. I’m not much of a Bible expert, this is why I set out toContinue reading “Can we Learn from the Pharisees Please?”

Real Talk… A Decade long Attraction

Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom. -Song of Songs 2:15 It was the first week of college. I had settled in quite easily, praise God, because I had friends from the neighbourhood, and their friends and their friends. Soon we were this littleContinue reading “Real Talk… A Decade long Attraction”